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norman.JPG"We love Paw Pet Care! Norman the Tibetan Terrier looks forward to his daily walks with Jen and I always know he's in great hands when I'm away at work. Both Jen and Katie have been so caring and accommodating for Norman's special needs too, it's why I've used Paw Pet Care for so many years. I can't recommend them enough! Norman thinks they're pretty fantastic, too!"

~ Lisa Knapp

phoebe___vern_snow_908.JPG"Our border collie, Phoebe, has been spending one day a week at PAW for probably 3 years now (on garbage day, because the trucks are so scary!). I swear, Phoebe gives Katie and Wade bigger, more devoted hugs and more roos (the pleasure noise she makes) than I ever get. I totally trust and endorse the care she gets because she is clearly so happy to be there."

~ Kit Hanson

IMG_0054.jpg" I have been using Paw Pet Care Company since 2010, and I can’t say enough good things about them. At that time I had a dog named Billy – Jen was his regular walker – and I’ll never forget how wonderful she was with him. I lost that beautiful boy to cancer in 2011. Since then I have adopted two dogs who can be a handful…well, one of them anyway! Wade is their regular walker and he – along with everyone who has cared for them - has been amazing. And most importantly, my dogs love their walks! I’m so lucky to have found them, and couldn’t ask for better care for my guys. "

~ Wendy Johnson

00000007.JPG"Hiring a dog walker/sitter is a big deal. Not only are you entrusting someone with a beloved family member, you are entrusting them to come in and out of your home. I've worked with staff at Paw Pet for years. Their integrity is beyond reproach, and they are also dog whisperers! They are amazing."

~ Lynn Cannon

IMG_0008.jpg"Our dogs have been clients of Katie's at Paw Pet Care for several years-both in our home and in Katie's home. They are adored and so well taken care of that we feel comfortable leaving them for days on end! Thank you Katie, Carly and the staff at Paw Pet Care. We'd be lost without you!"

~ Dorothy, Jim, Jasper and Riley

tally.jpg"We have been using Katie and her team at Paw Pet Care for the last four years, and could not be happier with the service and care they provide to our dog Tally. We trust them completely with Tally, they are super flexible with our crazy schedules, their rates are very competitive and best of all, Tally loves spending time with them. I don’t know what we would do without them."

~ Meredith, Linden Hills

A_A_at_Vet.JPG"I love knowing that my “kids,” Atlas and Aspen, are taken care of by people who love them as much as I do! Katie and Wade and their entire staff are so reliable. My career sometimes requires me to stay late in the evening unexpectedly, and Katie and Wade and their staff are always able to accommodate me when I need them for an unscheduled walk. I truly consider Paw Pet Care Company a part of our family!"

~ Kris Rowell

Willard_face.jpg"Hiya Katie and Wade, Its me. Willard. My mom has to leave A LOT and I'm very lucky to have you guys and baby Ada as my people home away from home. I love going for walks and running into all my lady friends at the park. Plus, I get to sleep on your couch sometimes. I'm one happy guy and I know my mom feels better about where I am and what I'm doing when she's away and I'm with you. "

~ Dog kisses, Willard

"I've been with PAW for many years and they've done a wonderful job caring for one of my most precious kids, my dog Daisy. She so looks forward to her walks every day, and when they've done overnights with her at our house, I would swear she doesn't miss us in the slightest! They are professional, friendly, flexible and dependable...I would recommend them to anyone wanting great care for their family pet."

~ Cathy

"We couldn’t be happier with Paw Pet Care! Scott Nascene has been taking care of our 3 year old Rottweiler, Stella, since she was 10 weeks old and we don’t know what we’d do without him. He has become an important part of Stella’s daily life and she is a very happy (and often tired) dog for it. Scott’s reliability and genuine caring for Stella are indicative of Paw Pet Care’s approach to serving its clients. Scott’s dedication to Stella was never more apparent than when she was hospitalized at 6 mos with a life threatening case of pneumonia and Scott visited her in the ICU every day for the entire 9 days she was there. We (and Stella) look forward to working with Scott and Paw Pet Care for many years to come."

~ Jeremy Johnson & Julie Peterson

"Paw Pet Care is the best in town, paws down. Katie and her crew are reliable, flexible, and best of all, they love my dogs like their own. I know that Katie and her staff give my dogs the same level of care and attention that I would give them, so I never worry about them when I'm away. "

~ Debbie

"Paw Pet Care is the best! We love having a dog but also love traveling, we have no hesitation to go on vacation and leave our dog Sugar with Katie and Wade. She is so excited to see them when we drop her off and hates to leave when we pick her up. They send pictures and updates while were traveling so we can check in see she's having fun too. Highly recommended!"

~ Paula Delap


"Katie and Wade and Co. have been great help in how we've been able to provide two dogs healthy, happy lives. Even our current pooch, the brilliant and boldly independent Sam, has learned a thing or two from friends he's made on his Paw Pet Care walks and play dates. It's an enormous relief to know that while we're at work during the day that our dog is not only let out to relieve himself, but taken care of in a way that we would take care of him ourselves if we were able to be there. Paw Pet Care Company has been a huge help in so many ways."

~ Brian Beatty

"I love you and your staff. When we see you at the dog park, my dogs want to go home with you. That probably says it all. You make me feel less sad to leave my babies when I go to work or leave town. Thank you for loving my dogs and I know Mary does too."

~ Candy

"PAW has been absolutely wonderful and we've used them for 6 years! Our dogs love them and we love the fact that they'll have a blast when we're out of town. Their walk service is also excellent. I recommend them to anyone I know who has a dog."

~ Tim and Jill Kresse

"Paw Pet Care has been a trusted, safe and beloved team caring for Gracie since she arrived at my home as an 8-week old puppy six years ago. Knowing she received daily walks, ball-tosses and treats while I was at work made my long days less stressful. I recommend Paw Pet Care as a trusted, safe and pet-friendly daily resource for working per owners."

~ Jennifer, South Minneapolis

"Katie, Wade, and staff at Paw Pet are amazing. I have lived in five states, had five different pet sitting services, and I can honestly say Paw is the by far the best I have ever used. My pup has never been more loved or attended to. Be a quick text to let me know he is okay, or administering meds, or just checking to be sure I made it home from a business trip, the service and care is outstanding."

~ John Zanini - Mpls, MN

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